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Volunteers needed for disable tourists, agent orange.

​​Criteria: environmental, impact, passion, trust, commintment

Welcome to read the profile of David and Da Nang Online Travel.

I am a local activities seeker and operator for tours and things to do in Vietnam. I am working to create and study new products in my area and Vietnam nationwide, my main job is to create memorable travel experiences through personalized service, trusted expertise and product value. I am dedicated myself to excellence and aspire to support my company becoming the leading provider of Vietnam travel. I would like to give a hand to build up the sustainable and responsible travel for Vietnam tourism and for anyone in over the world. ​My principles are as below:
1. Professionalism 2. Full Information 3. Responsive 4. Reliable 5. Value for Money. 

6. Knowledgeable. 7. Proactive. 8. Well Groomed. 9. Flexible

My tours are flexible with my local tour guide team and aircondition vehicles, villagers, original & always surprised wow.  And certainly value of money at your side and good memory home.

Mission is to give clients a chance to feel sincere hospitality, taste traditional cusine, enjoy festival and impressed with potential heritages.


1. Ba Na Hills with cable car and theme park, coaster ride

​​07h00-08h00: Pick you up at hotel lobby. Reach to Ba Na Hills via Cable car.
Spend your time on the most modern Cable Car in Southeast Asia, then taking the Climbing Train to visit the top of mountain & further explore Le JardinD’Amour, Debay Wine Cellar & Ling Ung Pagoda. 

Continue the second Cable Car to visit the French village enjoy street music, watch Art’s statue, Campanile, Nine Floor Goddess Shrine, Tombstone Temple, LinhPhong Monastery,…
Lunch at Restaurant (Buffet Lunch) .Join in Fantasy Park with Walking in Fairy Forest, discovering Dinosaur Park play 5D wild west, enjoy 4D death race ride, watch 3D mega 360 degree, ride on Journey into the underground, enter to Jurassic Park, challenge Freefall Tower, adventure in Horror House over 90 free games.
15:00: return the Cable Car for leaving Ba Na Hills.
16:45 – 17:45: Our minivan brings you back to your hotel. Tour ends.

2. My Son Hindu temples and towers

​Khoảng 7h30: Xe và Hướng dẫn viên đón quý khách tại khách sạn tại thành phố Đà Nẵng và khởi hành đi thung lũng Mỹ Sơn và miền quê xứ Quảng.
Vào khoảng 9 giờ rưỡi sáng - 10 giờ sáng: Đến khu đền thờ của Vương quốc Chăm và bắt đầu thăm khu đền tháp và ngôi mộ đã được ghi ngày từ thế kỷ VII đến thế kỷ XIV, nhưng những khám phá khảo cổ cho thấy rằng các vị vua Chăm đã bị chôn ở đây kể từ thế kỷ IV. Tổng số tòa nhà là hơn 70 tháp bao gồm tháp nhỏ, bình thường và lớn. Khu bảo tồn Mỹ Sơn được cho là trung tâm tôn giáo và văn hóa của Kinh đô Chăm từ khu vực Java, Indonesia. Du khách thưởng thức các điệu múa Chăm truyền thống trong nhà biểu diễn và mua sắm các hàng lưu niệm gần đó.
Around 7:30 am: Our driver and Guide will pick you up at your hotel in Da Nang city and depart to My Son valley and ruins to explore and research Hidulism.
At about 9:30 a.m-10:00 a.m: Arrive at My son sanctuary and start to visit My son, the towers and tombs have been dated from VII century to XIV century, but archaeological findings show us that the Cham kings were buried here since IV century. The total of buildings are more than 70 towers including small, normal and large towers. My Son Sanctuary supposedly is the religion center and culture of the Champa Ancient Kindom.
Most of the buildings were built by wood, but they had been destroyed since the 6th century in fires. In the 7th century, My Son was restored by Sambhuvarman who rebuilt the temples with special bricks which have existed until now. Up to the 13th century, more than 70 similar temples had been built, establishing My Son as a sanctuary of Hinduism in the Champa Kingdom. Although scientists have been conducting researches for many years, they still do not know the secret of how to make those bricks and build those towers.

3. Hue Imperial Citadel and  the former capital of Vietnam

At 8h00, we will pick you up from your hotel lobby and transfer to Hue city by Hai Van Pass and stop to visit the French and American bunkers, second stop by the railway looking over the Lang Co bay and oyster farm. Upon arrival to Hue down town, we will have lunch with specialities in a local restaurant then come to explore Khai Dinh Royal Tomb – built in 11 years, Imeperial Citadel for 143 years reigned by Nguyen Dynastry, Heavenly Laddy Pagoda and a sighteeing along Perfume River. 
At around 16h30, you will be transfered back Da Nang city with a stop by the rice paddy field receiving pretty sun set. From Lang Co bay to Da Nang, we will go by Hai Van tunnel – builted 12 years ago. Hotel drop and tour ends.

4. Hai Van Pass and Lang Co Beach with an oyster farm

Today will be a most memorable date in centre of Vietnam because you will not stay on seat or dream in bus, but keep looking outside for an ocean view along Da nang's coastal roads, Dragon bridge, and Red beach. The most impressive about the journey is the sense of isolation you feel as you move further along. There is a strange delight about the desolate conditions, a seemingly unbroken asphalt road that cuts through a mass of forest. Looking arround, you will find the green trees contrast with the breaking waves in the blue sea. And herein lies the beauty of Hai Van - the cloudy ocean’s beauty is closely connected to nature and its lack of population.
After taking plenty of photos on the peak with the bunkers, the ancient gate, the unique roads and jungle, you will go down the other side of the pass and explore the beauty of Lang Co beach with its white sandy beach, blue water and fishing boats dotting the horizon. 
Lunch or dinner will be ready at a floating restaurant on an oyster farm. Sit back with good food and a local beer of your choice before heading back.

5. Snorkeling at Cham island

From 7h30 t0 8h00: Pick you up at your Hotel in Da Nang City going to Cửa Đại quay. Our staff will check in  at Cua Dai Quay’s defending post.
Get departing to Cham Island by speed boats. Within 20 minutes on the boat you can enjoy the cool wind, beautiful Cham Island’s landscape and high speed of speed boat. Visit Bai Lang village with our exciting tour guide. The places to visit includes Hai Tang Pagoda (built in Canh Hung period in 19th century), Old well (built by Cham people), the local market where a variety of special seafood is sold and the local fishing village  where the fisherman are living
Relax in the fresh cool wind and enjoy the beautiful landscape on the way back to Bãi Ong to prepare for snorkeling.
Transfer to Bai Xêp for Snorkeling. You can see a lot of corals with many colors in a world Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESCO under the guidance of our excited tour guide , swimming and enjoying the sea atmosphere.
Back to Bai Ong beach to have a shower with fresh water and enjoy a special lunch at the restaurant with fresh seafood and then relax in the cool wind.
Around 14h00: Get on hi speed boat and head back to mainland drop to your hotel and finish the tour.  

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Our daily popular tours:

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- My Son holly land to discover Hindu temples and towers.

- Da Nang local street food tour by bicycles or Jeep and moto-bikes.

- Hue Imperial Citadel, Perfume river and Royal tombs one day tour.

- Hai Van Pass and Lang Co beach foodie tour with adventure.

- Cham island snorkeling half day tour by hi speed boat.

​- My Lai Massacre day trip from Da Nang or Hoi An.

- Da Nang night food tour with bicycle or motorbikes.

- Historical sightseeings and stunning beach with seafood lunch/dinner

Have a large group ?, don't want to spend the day with strangers, or want a more exclusive experience? Then a private tour is for you! Our private tours include all meals, 10 group pictures, and customized shirts for each of your group members.

Our preferred services by locals in Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue:
- Hotel and resort reservation with low cost guarantee and no deposit.
- Vehicle for rent and tour arrangement with friendly & helpful drivers.
- Flight ticket booking and reconfirmation. Low cost air lines contracted.
- Airport round trip transfer with local representative & bottled water.
- Local guides and local food in a traditional restaurant or lounge & cafe.
- Join in group tour or private tour, sleeping bus, electric cart, city bus.
- Cooking class and farming tour, pottery & carpentry villages, kayaking.

- Monkey mountain explore by privae bike or car, trekking and hiking.

- Homestay and luxury stay, villas or dormitary arrangement.

- Community based tourism in Hoa Bac, Nam Giang, Dong Giang,...

​- Water Fall swimming and out door acitivities, homely meals with locals.

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